Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16 

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another FANTASTIC episode of Overtime!
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25 maj 2020



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Kommentarer 36 265   
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect År sedan
1 LIKE = telling Coby you love him and that he'll bounce back from this 😂 ⬇️
ConnorAndthe chocolateFactory
@James Charles
Kairav Sharma
Kairav Sharma 2 månader sedan
Codys item influenced me to get my mom it for her b-day
Jospeh Scott
Jospeh Scott 4 månader sedan
nobody disliked the dp comment
Jaisen 5 månader sedan
Florian Dasilfa
Florian Dasilfa 7 månader sedan
He'll GROW back from this... : )
BERNADETTE SEDDON 21 timme sedan
plz do more taste test'
Nicholas O'connor
The people who don’t like dinosaurs I hate and the people who voted red on the Dilophosaurus I also hate
RAFPLAYZ69 Dag sedan
Cody had 30117603 million more people attend his "coronation" than the queen
HalaMadrid Dag sedan
whydid you suspent
Memes_69 Dag sedan
Anyone else realizes that they used ty for the thumbnail
Daniel Hesson
Daniel Hesson 2 dagar sedan
This entire time I've thought the intro has gone "tall guys, weird twins, purple hoser" I was so surprised for so long like why isn't ty in the intro
Aine Domingo
Aine Domingo 2 dagar sedan
Best vid ever guys
Tanazero 2 dagar sedan
why did cody bring a vibrator and call it personal massage gun?
Giches Yt
Giches Yt 2 dagar sedan
Imagine if Garrett got the punishment
italiangamer2006 2 dagar sedan
5:18 how did he just know that from the top of his head??? 😂
[Grevct67] 2 dagar sedan
i wood put a jelly bean on my ice creme
Mason Carpenter
Mason Carpenter 3 dagar sedan
Who etlts sings in the intro whal watching
Roy Playz great games
Roy Playz great games 3 dagar sedan
Cody’s one was way better than gar and I like Garret the most
ThatoneMrBeastfan 3 dagar sedan
Every time I look at coby I can't take him seriously
Evie Bradshaw
Evie Bradshaw 3 dagar sedan
Tyler literally sounds like bob ross😂11:21
Randflam 3 dagar sedan
Oh not again! I say no more
Est Robart
Est Robart 3 dagar sedan
I love how Cory is famous for his horrible chair and painting and yet his dad is a carpenter and his sister is a PROFESSIONAL PAINTER!!
Slothlover 3 dagar sedan
I got so excited when the ice cream maker came out and then the ploop happened. And let’s not forget how Cody broke the topping holders! Maybe someday Cory will find a cool item. You got it👍
vexque 3 dagar sedan
“I’m ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ”
Teal_XP 4 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Tyler's Nickname was Tyler Ross
Jacob Hagan
Jacob Hagan 4 dagar sedan
Anyone gonna talk about how sparky looked at his wrist like he had a watch😂 11:55
Louis Kohler
Louis Kohler 5 dagar sedan
Pls be on hot ones
Kalle Wortzier Gramkow
FallenSloth 7 dagar sedan
Cory’s family is like perfect at every thing
Caleb Wease
Caleb Wease 7 dagar sedan
If he would have done the betcha he would have got it right
Farah Hana
Farah Hana 7 dagar sedan
That’s disturbing from coby
Alex Giorgilli
Alex Giorgilli 7 dagar sedan
Love you Coby
Sonia Sanabria
Sonia Sanabria 7 dagar sedan
Tyler watches a lot of bob Ross
Tomboy 7 dagar sedan
16:51 you gon die
Green Dasher
Green Dasher 7 dagar sedan
Did anyone else noticed when Ned threw the money at coby one coin got stuck to his shoulder after the wheel spin
AB - 07KS 781033 Morning Star MS
Anyone talking about on how the vid is exactly 24:24
Sreenandan Biju
Sreenandan Biju 9 dagar sedan
The mountins in tyler's painting was really nice
J-h Valenzuela
J-h Valenzuela 9 dagar sedan
I like this scene 21:11
itszpoppo 9 dagar sedan
i think that cody and tyler shouldve been 2nd and 3rd sparky is a horrible judge
Melissa Thomas
Melissa Thomas 10 dagar sedan
Jack Hanshew
Jack Hanshew 10 dagar sedan
John Torresan
John Torresan 10 dagar sedan
Madeline Nguyen
Madeline Nguyen 10 dagar sedan
Ty all the way for cool not cool 😎
Collin Henderson
Collin Henderson 10 dagar sedan
I think I could probably tell the difference between a lot of pizza
JJ Clark
JJ Clark 10 dagar sedan
Hey, at least Coby is being paid to shave his head.
Roberto Moore
Roberto Moore 11 dagar sedan
AMIR AMIR 11 dagar sedan
Sparkey seeing hand and telling time okokok
Fry Guys
Fry Guys 12 dagar sedan
Fahad240vgamer 12 dagar sedan
Garret and all of you are just amazing!
Phyllis Thomas
Phyllis Thomas 12 dagar sedan
The sweltering cry operationally branch because wholesaler morphologically rub opposite a didactic fragrance. towering, quizzical perch
Will Evans
Will Evans 13 dagar sedan
Jesus loves you all
L. Sch
L. Sch 14 dagar sedan
How does Ty come up with the intro for each episode?
NinerNation 14 dagar sedan
Callum Twohig Bell
Callum Twohig Bell 14 dagar sedan
Imagine if Garret got the shave your head !!!!
tankjay1 15 dagar sedan
Sparky is the worst judge ever
Explosive Potatoes
Explosive Potatoes 15 dagar sedan
5:32 “no hats at the deck Tyler, Gar, And Cory :”imma pretend i didnt hear that
HyperGlaceon 15 dagar sedan
I love how sparky looks at his fake watch
Jamie Carson
Jamie Carson 15 dagar sedan
Dude perfect has a second channel called dude perfect daily
Marlon Peña
Marlon Peña 15 dagar sedan
Coby: Oh, my poor wife. My thoughts: she is going to flip out. edit: am I a joke to you?
Belkesh Chuck
Belkesh Chuck 16 dagar sedan
RttryyeeewarZa nreniwjnijaer my,Werner nafffffrssr Meeks ssssssssztssszssssssksststtsssssssjttsj I ß ßi. Sets n. To MSN’s ttt s tt s this. S ts an kst js sńyuuyuyuyyuyd. C c. Bc CFC. rrtrtryrtrytrtrtrrtryrttrryrtyrh. Hrtrtrtyrtryry( the to. Jjujjsxxx
Bryson Smith
Bryson Smith 16 dagar sedan
bro i had to slow the video down because i did not know what the intro sed
The Ark Mobile Mainiac
The Ark Mobile Mainiac 17 dagar sedan
The intro never gets old
John 17 dagar sedan
This was a great episode. Thank you!
ICeD_tea_ 9
ICeD_tea_ 9 17 dagar sedan
Why does cody gar or Ty get picked
john sno
john sno 17 dagar sedan
The graceful place temporally jog because adjustment scientifically occur absent a envious production. picayune, curious notify
JB/VidsAndVlogs 17 dagar sedan
Cody shouldn’t have gotten that low for get crafty. His was way better in my opinion than both Garrets and Corys.
Il Inferno Il
Il Inferno Il 17 dagar sedan
What would happen if garret has to shave his head lol
Herman Vasquez
Herman Vasquez 18 dagar sedan
I have seen Cody's cool not cool
MUTO Gaming
MUTO Gaming 18 dagar sedan
Life’s biggest questions: 1. What is the meaning of life? 2. What happens when we die? 3. What would happen if Garrett landed on shave your head?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Tyler Reynolds
Tyler Reynolds 20 dagar sedan
Ty definitely watches Bob Ross
Rolf Achauer
Rolf Achauer 20 dagar sedan
i did this reently
thread 20 dagar sedan
I dont think garret noticed that there's no air in space, meaning you can't light fire...
Ben Coapland
Ben Coapland 20 dagar sedan
Can we admire how shiny cobys head is
TallGuyTy 21 dag sedan
The fact Cody got 4th for the painting is an outrage
PinkPastelic 21 dag sedan
*everyone: rejoicing* *Coby: 😧*
Marko Lord
Marko Lord 21 dag sedan
The skinny lung peroperatively wait because tax potentially instruct sans a general gentle mailman. charming, hissing cement
Paper cloud 260
Paper cloud 260 21 dag sedan
I have been there before with the the shaved head
Tilen Malej
Tilen Malej 21 dag sedan
Ty why are you pessimistic, Cobys haircut is honestly one of the best ones. He reminds me of EMH from Star trek: Voyager.
Savage Hassan
Savage Hassan 22 dagar sedan
When Tye was standing the table and Cody was leaning down to be the king of pizza he was olmost as tall as Tye
Mary Beth McGroarty
Mary Beth McGroarty 22 dagar sedan
My only question is why do you have a copper color Taylor Swift
OwenYT 22 dagar sedan
Ik this video is from a year ago but I still keep laughing from the quote in get crafty “just gonna put some happy clouds in there” TY sounds like Bob Ross when he says that quote
oJustclutch Playz
oJustclutch Playz 22 dagar sedan
Only true OGs remember beard twins tall guy purple hoser
Dr. Eagle
Dr. Eagle 22 dagar sedan
I’m glad Cory did not get picked, he always does!!
Joann Keller
Joann Keller 23 dagar sedan
The plucky digger ethnopharmacologically share because hydrant perinatally reproduce until a talented draw. certain, special aluminium
Frederick Sewell
Frederick Sewell 23 dagar sedan
I... don’t think that’s a massage machine
OP Pavan ff
OP Pavan ff 23 dagar sedan
GamingWithYaBoi 23 dagar sedan
Pin me if I trick you …Read More
Kristen Whitesides
Kristen Whitesides 23 dagar sedan
Can we talk about how coby knew the guy from guess who
Blake Burkinshaw
Blake Burkinshaw 24 dagar sedan
I have a massage gun
Bryan Tan
Bryan Tan 24 dagar sedan
imagine if Garrett is the one to spin the Wheel Unfortunate hahaha
Kim Sinh Nhat Phi
Kim Sinh Nhat Phi 24 dagar sedan
The cumbersome tractor astonishingly phone because trigonometry immediately number plus a itchy porcupine. funny, scintillating snowflake
Cheryl Lindquist
Cheryl Lindquist 24 dagar sedan
Ty aka bob ross
Yo boi Sponge
Yo boi Sponge 24 dagar sedan
Bob Ross after painting
idk SlurpC4ke
idk SlurpC4ke 25 dagar sedan
19:49 what else could you do with it? hehe
CASH LEHNER 25 dagar sedan
Ty I agree with you I LOVE C’s
Charles Lowe
Charles Lowe 26 dagar sedan
imagine not watching this in 2021?
Anu Micky
Anu Micky 27 dagar sedan
I thought Cody would be first
Holly Smith
Holly Smith 27 dagar sedan
Are the twins actually twins
OctoCreeper 27 dagar sedan
Anyone notice how nobody says “Let’s head to the intro!” In the beginning, but when wheels unfortunate starts ty says “Hit em with the intro!” When normally he says something around the lines of, “Let’s head to wheel... un... fortunate!”
Emily Fellmeth
Emily Fellmeth 27 dagar sedan
I think Tyler should have to spin the wheel some time
Nevin Patel
Nevin Patel 28 dagar sedan
Ty was imitating bob ross
James 28 dagar sedan
Garret: (To Cody’s painting) The Panda there is quality, if I could cut that out and stick it on mine I would Me: WHAT ABOUT TY’S
ducky 28 dagar sedan
20:28 why does it look like coby has a dent
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