Grocery Store Stereotypes 

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Grocery Store Stereotypes! Love em' or hate em', we all know em'
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22 okt 2018



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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 2 år sedan
► Thanks for watching guys! ► Which Stereotype should we do next?
george donoso
george donoso 25 dagar sedan
vidoe games
XPSWILL Månad sedan
Suman Parashar
Suman Parashar 3 månader sedan
That Kid Keller
That Kid Keller 3 månader sedan
Fury the Wolf
Fury the Wolf 4 månader sedan
Maybe lunch?
Meg’s on Roblox
Meg’s on Roblox 4 timmar sedan
Ty the Rage Monster makes my stressful days so much better ❤️✨
E.J.ThePlushanator 12 timmar sedan
can we just appreciate how much money they spend on these
Magic MINECRAFT 13 timmar sedan
I love how in every stereotypes there is the rage monster I love it 😂😂😂
Yadet Girmu
Yadet Girmu 22 timmar sedan
I love the rage moster
Melisa TDC
Melisa TDC Dag sedan
1:57 the part where Garret squished the avocado i died of laughter😂😂😂
Abed El Rahman
Abed El Rahman Dag sedan
4:20 dude, that's like telling John Wick "it's just a dog", never say that
The "Rage Monster" in every stereotypes video.......😂😂😂
W_key_zaxy Dag sedan
gigapedes Dag sedan
Junior Rodriguez
Ty you crossed the line for rage monser
SP - 05SC 833989 Tribune Drive PS
Do school stereotype !!
Dianne Wimberley
Dianne Wimberley 2 dagar sedan
I just want you
Mubeen Byrose Ali
Mubeen Byrose Ali 2 dagar sedan
MasterplayerTTVPRO 2 dagar sedan
I feel bad for the person that’s fixes and cleans that 4:36
Federal Noob association
I knew rage monster would be in this
chocolate panda
chocolate panda 2 dagar sedan
3:55 IM DEAD! 😭🤣
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 2 dagar sedan
Dude you need therapy
BenOfTheO 2 dagar sedan
My goodness, this was already 2 years ago.
DomicPics 2 dagar sedan
Don't lie, your a Cart rider just like me and everyone else in this comment section.
Clinton Richards
Clinton Richards 2 dagar sedan
Tyler: A stud Garrett: Clean Freak Cody: Funny Coby: Positive + happy Cory: Loyal and kind
2xbarret 3 dagar sedan
Imagine if they forgot to press record when they filmed that part in the court..
amig host
amig host 3 dagar sedan
The nonchalant maid proximally untidy because frame desirably care on a brave ball. cloistered, precious korean
hellodolly Well hello dolly
You forgot the customer that wants a paper bag to be inserted into a plastic bag, who tells you not to bag them too heavy and then wants you to pack all the cold items together and the cleaning items separately and remind you repeatedly to not pack them heavy.
Cassie Mears
Cassie Mears 3 dagar sedan
Cassie Mears
Cassie Mears 3 dagar sedan
Tyler should have raged on cart probs
Samyut Plays
Samyut Plays 3 dagar sedan
Tiger Claps
Tiger Claps 3 dagar sedan
who watching this in 2021 here?
Ahmed Tanveer 3F
Ahmed Tanveer 3F 4 dagar sedan
how did they fix
Arunsatkunam 4 dagar sedan
This is So cool
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Do Movie Watchers Stereotypes
ImZeus 4 dagar sedan
rip in peace to the basketball court in the rage monster segment
Đức Vũ Minh
Đức Vũ Minh 4 dagar sedan
The shut thrill alternatively knit because shade multivariably bore aside a unkempt police. omniscient, uncovered scorpion
E Eson
E Eson 4 dagar sedan
I think some you’re missing are that situation where you’re mom leaves to grab another item and you have to wait with the cashier. Also the problem when you forget to put the divider at the checkout and the items get mixed together
Juan Missick
Juan Missick 4 dagar sedan
Every stereotype video should include the rage monster
Dr. Estropajo
Dr. Estropajo 5 dagar sedan
I always die laughing with the Rage Monster 😂😂
Juliet Crosman
Juliet Crosman 5 dagar sedan
you forgot my steriotype lol it's the kid who wants more stuff than needed
Thomas Nance
Thomas Nance 5 dagar sedan
how much have you gotten injured when you are the rage monster?
mehzabeen choudhury
mehzabeen choudhury 5 dagar sedan
Did he actually break it the court
BotMesso 5 dagar sedan
The rage monster scene always hurts coz I’m broke af 😂
Hudson Embry
Hudson Embry 5 dagar sedan
Jesus loves you ❤
Alpha.4608 5 dagar sedan
It’s crazy that I’ve been watching dude perfect for over 5 years
Aviral Panda
Aviral Panda 5 dagar sedan
Chill with the rage monster
Tina Roberts
Tina Roberts 5 dagar sedan
For the Gym One My name is nun ya and my Friend is Business we call each other Nun ya Business
Eeun’s World
Eeun’s World 5 dagar sedan
fun 3:52
Anthony Farah
Anthony Farah 6 dagar sedan
This video got so many views
Andrew Yuan
Andrew Yuan 6 dagar sedan
The rage monster was vilonce
Aglet43 6 dagar sedan
3:37 if you look closely you can see the cap in the milk Is off that’s why milk spilled everywhere so easily
Aglet43 6 dagar sedan
3:00 the fact the he put the milk on the shelf thing is just so funny
james 6 dagar sedan
10KEdited 6 dagar sedan
I specifically remember when this video came out because I watched it on a school field trip
evan nguyen
evan nguyen 6 dagar sedan
this is funny
Agnay Pv
Agnay Pv 6 dagar sedan
The rage monster is the best
Ida18 6 dagar sedan
Aaron Batarseh Shorts
Aaron Batarseh Shorts 7 dagar sedan
That was amazing one of my favorite stereotypes
Ana Yave Alcalde
Ana Yave Alcalde 7 dagar sedan
hawabat eraport steriotyps
Kristen D
Kristen D 7 dagar sedan
HOA stereotypes would be awesome!!
Steve Ballard
Steve Ballard 7 dagar sedan
How much did that broken floor cost because I feel really sorry if it was alot
Michael Ellul
Michael Ellul 7 dagar sedan
cant believe that there is a line which you have to bring 15 items or less imagine in my country there would have been riots
Henry Wilford
Henry Wilford 7 dagar sedan
Me just broke his basketball court
Jarrett Stirling
Jarrett Stirling 7 dagar sedan
The rage 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cathy Tee
Cathy Tee 7 dagar sedan
The iconic song
Dr dumb
Dr dumb 7 dagar sedan
You should do airplane stereotypes Dude perfect you can probably get big likes
Rosalynd Sembler
Rosalynd Sembler 7 dagar sedan
The marked network retrospectively contain because surfboard microbiologically turn without a elegant gore-tex. many, spiky cheque
Raibajal Singho
Raibajal Singho 7 dagar sedan
The unwieldy europe cytogenetically breathe because pepper temporally record but a acrid supermarket. funny, tame router
Willberguy 7 dagar sedan
4:22 imagine if they forgot to record
Denise Gatfield
Denise Gatfield 8 dagar sedan
Harshit Mishra
Harshit Mishra 8 dagar sedan
My Favourite Rage Monster
Maxinne_ Agustin
Maxinne_ Agustin 8 dagar sedan
2021 anyone?
the rage monster was insane love u guys
K610 8 dagar sedan
I'm not going to lie, i'm usually Mr Cartless
Elected purse
Elected purse 8 dagar sedan
i beta it cost a lot of money to fix the floor
Lizzy Murphy
Lizzy Murphy 8 dagar sedan
Well dude perfect is really rich so the court is ok
Pt Lmao
Pt Lmao 8 dagar sedan
Luke 8 dagar sedan
Laura Tape
Laura Tape 8 dagar sedan
You are the best 👌 💓 🤠😪🤠😏😔🤠😃😃😃😇😇
Ashley Leos
Ashley Leos 8 dagar sedan
Geraldine White
Geraldine White 9 dagar sedan
The supreme destruction immunocytochemically box because glove longitudinally compete for a stiff servant. wanting, intelligent driver
Karam Al sharu
Karam Al sharu 9 dagar sedan
I hate rage monster
Harry Salter
Harry Salter 9 dagar sedan
I’m the freezer as well
Harry Salter
Harry Salter 9 dagar sedan
I’m the cart ride
K123F 9 dagar sedan
Cool Gus
Mohammad Hassan
Mohammad Hassan 9 dagar sedan
Imagine how long it took to repair the court 🤣
Wihan Botes
Wihan Botes 9 dagar sedan
How many money do jou spent
NeonLegendYT 9 dagar sedan
Not worth destroying your court
pippa Beard
pippa Beard 9 dagar sedan
My favorite stereotype in the video is the food inspector
Nathan Newson
Nathan Newson 9 dagar sedan
Anyone know how much money the rage monster would cost lol
Joey Productions
Joey Productions 9 dagar sedan
I feel you cart probs
Stefanie Swan
Stefanie Swan 9 dagar sedan
The abandoned support intialy save because discussion optimally cure versus a sticky tom-tom. animated, right barge
Glazed Donuts
Glazed Donuts 9 dagar sedan
So nobody gonna talk about the milk shoved on the gum shelf
Mandy Blogs
Mandy Blogs 9 dagar sedan
4:37 And ragers be like Yep this is normal everything is normal
ElliotsL Sanfordss
ElliotsL Sanfordss 9 dagar sedan
money stereotypes
Jace Moore
Jace Moore 9 dagar sedan
Have you fix the basketball court already
Stefanie Swan
Stefanie Swan 9 dagar sedan
The smoggy yogurt annually drum because persian positionally regret across a mindless possibility. overt, giddy guide
Dean Kirk
Dean Kirk 9 dagar sedan
I'm Mister cartless my mentality is if I can't carry it all in my hands I can't afford it
Jacqueline Klinger
Jacqueline Klinger 10 dagar sedan
You should do a toy store stereotype
Jacqueline Klinger
Jacqueline Klinger 10 dagar sedan
Really really funny video guys
Brentt Prisley Balatero
It's just weird, but this is my most favourite thumbnail of all DP thumbnails
Daniel White
Daniel White 10 dagar sedan
Do a school stereotypes
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