Football vs Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect 

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Dude Perfect football vs F2 soccer... trick shot style!
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Comment: Jezza's laugh is amazing!

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19 feb 2018



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Kommentarer 103 498   
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 3 år sedan
Overtime Ep. 2 launches MONDAY @ 5 PM CST! 🔥
Gus Fenby
Gus Fenby 3 månader sedan
I have watched this a million times and I think ty has got the best finishing pose!🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌. Also are you guys ever gonna get ur own emoji for SVdown???!!!
Nathan Chow
Nathan Chow 4 månader sedan
Leo Lokaj
Leo Lokaj 4 månader sedan
Rezowan Hossain Rongon
Rezowan Hossain Rongon 5 månader sedan
Plz make a badminton vedio
Titan FF
Titan FF 5 månader sedan
*HuZzY;.p 4 timmar sedan
Change the title to football vs hand egg
Adammiso 7 timmar sedan
Ty's first no look shot was legendary!!!!!!
Saad Ashfaq
Saad Ashfaq 10 timmar sedan
is that jermy lynch
Kevin Broderick
Kevin Broderick 16 timmar sedan
The incompetent robert counterintuitively tie because watchmaker anteriorly waste pro a energetic witch. murky, black robin
karenwearit 19 timmar sedan
Soccer won for me
Krabby Paddy911
Krabby Paddy911 21 timme sedan
Yo dem soccer dude’s tricks are so clean
Liz Gaffney
Liz Gaffney Dag sedan
billie had a better pose
Messi Edayan
Messi Edayan Dag sedan
F2 way better
Messi Edayan
Messi Edayan Dag sedan
Bella Freeman
Bella Freeman Dag sedan
Does anyone else think DP should go on tour in the uk
Nino Slanic
Nino Slanic Dag sedan
Lianna Mackie
Lianna Mackie Dag sedan
Lianna Mackie
Lianna Mackie Dag sedan
Billy’s is better
The Lego Guy Films
billy had a better pose
Allison Ufland
Allison Ufland Dag sedan
That’s amazing
Azurials Dag sedan
Kevin Broderick
Kevin Broderick Dag sedan
The chunky parsnip neatly hurry because side suddenly decorate after a windy copper. freezing, loving puma
A n R
A n R Dag sedan
Who else want a part 2?
DennisLeh Dag sedan
American Football vs Football Trick Shots | Dude Perfect*
Stefanie Swan
Stefanie Swan Dag sedan
The tense store primarily level because helen evolutionarily answer after a shaky gauge. defiant, wrong title
Antony Telence
Antony Telence Dag sedan
This is f2
Laura Palmer
Laura Palmer Dag sedan
42. Tanmoy Sarma
42. Tanmoy Sarma 2 dagar sedan
Jeremy Lynch is perfect
ALF YASHAS 2 dagar sedan
Psalm David Repogio
Psalm David Repogio 2 dagar sedan
Jeremy Lynch
30 9E Dhruv tehlan
30 9E Dhruv tehlan 2 dagar sedan
Who noticed Jeremy Lynch 😂
Omlette 2 dagar sedan
Football⚽ vs Egg ball🏈
I am cedric
I am cedric 2 dagar sedan
Jeremy Lynch!!!!!!!
Matthew Sculthorpe
Matthew Sculthorpe 2 dagar sedan
Anyone else come back every couple of months to rewatch this masterpiece?😂
It's Just What We Do
yes me i like this video so much
Ixpnsv 2 dagar sedan
Why do american call that football you don’t play with your foot
Zetseat Asmare
Zetseat Asmare 2 dagar sedan
It’s a culture to come back to this once in a while
William Short
William Short 2 dagar sedan
Oshi 2 dagar sedan
Jezza's laugh is amazing
Callum Doidge
Callum Doidge 2 dagar sedan
Football is the best
Oumar Kebe
Oumar Kebe 2 dagar sedan
2021 stop the caaap
Epic Parker
Epic Parker 2 dagar sedan
Younggod 2 dagar sedan
Jermy lynch is that you
Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt 2 dagar sedan
Ryrygamers 2 dagar sedan
Just call it 12 inch egg ball
Nell carterr
Nell carterr 2 dagar sedan
Billy pose was better cause he didn't have to edit it to make it look cool
mohamed hasick
mohamed hasick 2 dagar sedan
Pogze 2 dagar sedan
Correction* Rugby vs Football
abhishek isaac
abhishek isaac 3 dagar sedan
its actually football vs football.
Lazie Sabisa
Lazie Sabisa 3 dagar sedan
Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston 3 dagar sedan
F2 won
ishan sood
ishan sood 3 dagar sedan
best colab ever
Seth Atkinson
Seth Atkinson 3 dagar sedan
its not soccer its - FOOTBALL!!!
Nibin Sunil
Nibin Sunil 3 dagar sedan
Jermy lynch🔥🔥
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson 3 dagar sedan
Billy was way better
Hujjat Ladies Seniors
Hujjat Ladies Seniors 3 dagar sedan
It was billy definitely
Thomas Conlin
Thomas Conlin 3 dagar sedan
You can do more tricks with our football(Soccer) than you’re football(Rugby).
Max Gorey
Max Gorey 3 dagar sedan
Thomas Keeney
Thomas Keeney 3 dagar sedan
Great Gameplay
Great Gameplay 3 dagar sedan
Only clicker here for Jeramy
sana faisal
sana faisal 3 dagar sedan
0:43 Billy
Lindsay Chase
Lindsay Chase 3 dagar sedan
I didn’t know Jeremy was in dude perfect
Lindsay Chase
Lindsay Chase 3 dagar sedan
Sorry what Andrew perfect
Lindsay Chase
Lindsay Chase 3 dagar sedan
I didn’t know Jeremy wasn’t dude perfect
Cow People
Cow People 3 dagar sedan
Billy’s pose was sooo much better
Sneha Bursha
Sneha Bursha 4 dagar sedan
Awesome bro
Ryan DeWispelaere
Ryan DeWispelaere 4 dagar sedan
Michael Rowland
Michael Rowland 4 dagar sedan
??????? ???????'
FaizAkimbo 4 dagar sedan
F2 freestylee
John Wheeldon
John Wheeldon 4 dagar sedan
Billy's pose
P M Z 4 dagar sedan
Soccer is the best
shubham maan
shubham maan 4 dagar sedan
Khairel Anwar
Khairel Anwar 4 dagar sedan
dude perfect very cool
Maharlika no
Maharlika no 4 dagar sedan
In football we use foot most of the time in american football they use hand most of the time
Mostly_Rylan 4 dagar sedan
Toxic Hunter
Toxic Hunter 4 dagar sedan
Aren’t hey the same thing?
Muricio Gudino
Muricio Gudino 4 dagar sedan
Billy was better
King Smitty
King Smitty 4 dagar sedan
He looks like Jeremy Lynch from TikTok
King Smitty
King Smitty 3 dagar sedan
@Eggy☻︎ I know it was a joke 😂
Eggy☻︎ 4 dagar sedan
Thats jeremy
Eggy☻︎ 4 dagar sedan
He is jeremy
handsometall28 4 dagar sedan
A sport that seldom has to do with foot is called football, very strange. Name taken from the most popular sport in the world. Call it handball or something; I know handball is a sport by itself but it's not very popular.
Yukonhootch 5 dagar sedan
Gemma Littlefair
Gemma Littlefair 5 dagar sedan
Rado Ivanov
Rado Ivanov 5 dagar sedan
Rexy Vivera
Rexy Vivera 5 dagar sedan
Legends watching in 2021
Melanie Reily Collins
Melanie Reily Collins 5 dagar sedan
I’m a f2 guy
Melanie Reily Collins
Melanie Reily Collins 5 dagar sedan
F2 are better in my opinion
Melanie Reily Collins
Melanie Reily Collins 5 dagar sedan
Bottle buster better
Melanie Reily Collins
Melanie Reily Collins 5 dagar sedan
Seth jaganathan
Seth jaganathan 5 dagar sedan
That is Jeremy Lynch ⚽
Mohamed Rimzy
Mohamed Rimzy 5 dagar sedan
We know how many times u dude's tries for a trick 😂😂😂
Born JeFF Gaming
Born JeFF Gaming 5 dagar sedan
I like Billy bcz he's body movement while shooting the ball is awesome!!
among roblox
among roblox 5 dagar sedan
Exploding Penguin
Exploding Penguin 5 dagar sedan
Jezza’s laugh is amazing
Klenzell235 5 dagar sedan
That guy playing soccer guys with beard and kinda speaks like Italy he’s on tiktok
kris boyd
kris boyd 5 dagar sedan
I mean in ty
Spectre 23
Spectre 23 5 dagar sedan
ur mom
ur mom 5 dagar sedan
Incoming unnecessary hate on American football
Christine Hoszko
Christine Hoszko 5 dagar sedan
F2 won :D if Tyler didn’t mess up long gong they would of got a draw!
Christine Hoszko
Christine Hoszko 4 dagar sedan
@MR. A no but it was on camera ☺️☺️
MR. A 4 dagar sedan
Do you actually think all of them are a 1st try?
Ethan Billy
Ethan Billy 6 dagar sedan
Soccer 100% won
OO fattie OO
OO fattie OO 6 dagar sedan
Why do the Americans call the ruby ball look a like a football when you use your hands most of the time?
Dawud Khan
Dawud Khan 6 dagar sedan
billys was better i think sorry dude perfect
Mason Milliken
Mason Milliken 6 dagar sedan
ty best poser
Basim Farooqui
Basim Farooqui 6 dagar sedan
Billy did
Sadia Bukhari
Sadia Bukhari 6 dagar sedan
dude perfect sucks f2 are better