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THANK YOU to each of our fans for this 10 year journey!
We can’t wait to show you all that we have coming up!
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0:00 Introduction
13:29 San Diego
27:50 Beyond The Trick Shot
41:35 Going All In
55:00 Overtime
59:53 Faith, Family, Friends
1:16:00 The Final Stretch

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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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Best known for trick shots, stereotypes, battles, bottle flips, ping pong shots and all-around competitive fun, Dude Perfect prides ourselves in making the absolute best family-friendly entertainment possible! Welcome to the crew!

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- Dude Perfect

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11 maj 2020



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Kommentarer 46 130   
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect År sedan
You guys are AMAZING. Can't tell you how encouraged we are by yall's comments 🙏 SO much good stuff on the way for you guys 🔥
Lotty Santos
Lotty Santos 2 dagar sedan
@WillyBur 777 p
Andrew C.
Andrew C. 27 dagar sedan
No u
Nolan B Fishing
Nolan B Fishing Månad sedan
Best doc ever
Chimeng Moua
Chimeng Moua Månad sedan
i like your vids i watch it all day
Ελλη Παπακου
Ελλη Παπακου 2 månader sedan
Gustav Johansson
Gustav Johansson 3 timmar sedan
I watched a 1 hour and 24 minute of the most emotional and greatest video ever. And it was worth every minute
Randflam 12 timmar sedan
I can’t believe you guys exist! You guys are the only you tubers that I watch that actually make me die laughing! Thank you for the amazing vids!
Charlee Schmidt
Charlee Schmidt 13 timmar sedan
It’s just…. mind blowing that Dude Perfect almost never happened
B 23 timmar sedan
Love how all their wife's were supportive!!! Love you guys!!!
Jith Gaming
Jith Gaming Dag sedan
Sad Panda Noises
Rasen Go
Rasen Go Dag sedan
You guys are great. Never Quit
Jen Powell
Jen Powell Dag sedan
See this is why i am subscribed to dude perfect
Phil Snyder
Phil Snyder Dag sedan
Who dislikes these videos? Great stuff fellas!!
Joanne Santarinala
Joanne Santarinala 2 dagar sedan
Is that 2016 that house?
Pr0Valv3 2 dagar sedan
Man I love dude perfect especially through 2017 through 2019
RedShot 2 dagar sedan
This is cool guys But when you gonna go to the philiphines???
oats xtty0
oats xtty0 2 dagar sedan
remember it all started with backyard stuntman well on youtube anyway
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 2 dagar sedan
I am not religious but I love how you love Jesus. I will come and see you with my family next time you are close. You all are an inspiration! You all make me want to be a better man.
Autumn Schnitzler
Autumn Schnitzler 2 dagar sedan
You guys are so inspirational!
Ryan Liu
Ryan Liu 2 dagar sedan
i think that the rage monster is a classic
Sicon Symon
Sicon Symon 2 dagar sedan
YorzoYam 2 dagar sedan
Tyler has a come and take it sign in his office?? That's my dude
Sarah Nafe
Sarah Nafe 3 dagar sedan
I wish I could be there
K1NG 3 dagar sedan
I was scared for them watching this!!!
Hardheadedharvey 3 dagar sedan
Also let’s not forget that Tyler CHUCKED A MEAT CLEAVER 😳😳😳
Luis Thornton
Luis Thornton 3 dagar sedan
me living in australia as soon as cody said they went to australia i seached up dude perfect australia
3Miles Ingemie
3Miles Ingemie 3 dagar sedan
Coming in October!!
Anonymous Mafia
Anonymous Mafia 4 dagar sedan
Now I guess Jeff Toney is the panda.
Gna Hippster
Gna Hippster 4 dagar sedan
If there will ever be a SVdown hall of fame they will be the first ones in it
KamtheKamikazeman YT
KamtheKamikazeman YT 4 dagar sedan
Watching this and reading the first book ... I was just amazed at how much they went through
LamanVlogs 5 dagar sedan
Almost cried 50,000 times
Nic Ladouceur
Nic Ladouceur 5 dagar sedan
when he was done cutting the lemons did he throw the knife into the stands
LamanVlogs 5 dagar sedan
Love your come and take it sighn
Ruchi Damle
Ruchi Damle 5 dagar sedan
I littrely got goosebumps when Tyler entry
ScarScarGames 5 dagar sedan
i did the prayer as well :)
Lukas Lang
Lukas Lang 5 dagar sedan
My favorite video of all time! Not Dude Perfect video, any video of all time!
Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight 5 dagar sedan
nice content
Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight 5 dagar sedan
Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight 5 dagar sedan
i love u
Gabriel Buduan
Gabriel Buduan 5 dagar sedan
Wow man this is just awesome
IamNotDrink_BG 5 dagar sedan
When you uploaded this colin amazing and That's Amazing are also gods of trickshots
Jake Veazey
Jake Veazey 6 dagar sedan
Dude perfect is the best dp
Arnav Devshetwar
Arnav Devshetwar 6 dagar sedan
Tyler you look like Messi because of that I love you
Toby Levering
Toby Levering 6 dagar sedan
I love what you guys do
Toby Levering
Toby Levering 6 dagar sedan
I am one of your biggest fans
Toby Levering
Toby Levering 6 dagar sedan
Liam Dean
Liam Dean 7 dagar sedan
Gig’em Aggies
Harmeet Kaur
Harmeet Kaur 7 dagar sedan
Their names will go down in the history of the best and kindest youtubers on the palnet
Reece Davis
Reece Davis 7 dagar sedan
Cody in that basketball ball picture looks like Jim from the office
Karlene Rawlins
Karlene Rawlins 7 dagar sedan
Now they became 1 of the most successful you tubers wow
MoreAPar 7 dagar sedan
Whoever is wondering, when Ty is cutting the lemon you might think he throws it into the crowd, watch that clip in slow mo and you can see that he put it on the table before he flings his arms
Cam Mcnulty
Cam Mcnulty 8 dagar sedan
PANHA SRUN 8 dagar sedan
Ehhhh heh.
løck wølf
løck wølf 8 dagar sedan
Don't lie we all watched all the way through
R N 9 dagar sedan
They are so kind that they quite there jobs to keep the channel going!!!
Ernie Gaming
Ernie Gaming 10 dagar sedan
So coby has won officially two battles?
Ernie Gaming
Ernie Gaming 10 dagar sedan
Unlike most youTubers, these people made it huge with only one video that’s insanity
Jesiah Soliman
Jesiah Soliman 10 dagar sedan
Cody: I've never been to Australia Me: Does anyone go to Australia
Raccoon 10 dagar sedan
It’s crazy to see what they have gone through, it feels like yesterday they unveiled dp hq2
DerpMan 10 dagar sedan
Little did they know, that ice cream was actually 99 dollars
SD fishing Duke
SD fishing Duke 10 dagar sedan
Zach please don’t use God’s name in vain.
Trevor Terrill
Trevor Terrill 11 dagar sedan
Hockey stereotypes please
Brady Wassel
Brady Wassel 11 dagar sedan
What I think they don’t recognize is that someone could have a bad and then watch a dude perfect video and their whole day gets turned around
Jediah Santos
Jediah Santos 11 dagar sedan
Just this video alone brought my family together. Then I showed them the channel, now we can't stop watching your videos.
Marlon Razon
Marlon Razon 12 dagar sedan
Dude this is PERFECT!!!
Marvel and Stranger Things
I watch stereotypes over and over again because they are so funny and amazing!
Marvel and Stranger Things
Wish I was able to watch it live
Kenneth Broce
Kenneth Broce 12 dagar sedan
When I first heard about the tour in OT, I thought, "of course they're going on tour. They're moving up big as SVdownrs, much like GMM this was just the next step." I didn't think much about it. I didn't even begin to think about how big and crazy this would be for the guys at DP
Soha Cregger
Soha Cregger 12 dagar sedan
I’m going to the show in September
Nilushi Chathurika
Nilushi Chathurika 13 dagar sedan
Do one live show in sri lanka
Der Schreck
Der Schreck 13 dagar sedan
Can you Guys do a Tour in Germany Lower Saxony
Tristan Romans
Tristan Romans 13 dagar sedan
The song legends never die is alive to Dude Perfect because they are legends that will never die.
MTB 13 dagar sedan
You inspire my friends and I so much we are starting our own channel on this stuff
Vinyl FX
Vinyl FX 13 dagar sedan
MrSilverSnow 13 dagar sedan
Without dude perfect my life would be different they helped me through so tough times so thanks dudes
MUSIC MAN 13 dagar sedan
What Great Quarantine Content
clarice flueck
clarice flueck 13 dagar sedan
"0:64" U must go here *𝗠𝟬𝗗𝗡𝗔𝗡𝗔.𝗖𝟬𝗠* it always works for me its a must-try use it now, don't waste time here
Kevin Hanks
Kevin Hanks 13 dagar sedan
Keep it up Dude perfect 👍💪
Mark Shkuratov
Mark Shkuratov 14 dagar sedan
мне нравится эту ролик , но я живу в РОССИЯ (
Silencr 14 dagar sedan
The video just gave me smiles all around. Pound It , Noggin, See ya
mirta trear
mirta trear 14 dagar sedan
'0:49' 😐 The only working one is *-M O D N A N A . C O M-* ! 📌
aiden muller
aiden muller 14 dagar sedan
Can we take a moment to notice that one of the kids in line for the San Diego show was wearing a fortnite shirt doing fortnite dances
Grace H
Grace H 14 dagar sedan
I smiled the entire way through this. Love that they're believers and my brothers in Christ!
Patrick's Planet
Patrick's Planet 14 dagar sedan
Hello Everyone! I know this is late but there are all the songs that were on the documentary that I could recognize: This Is It: Oh The Larceny Light That Fire: Oh The Larceny Top Of The World: Zayde Wølf How You Feel: Oh The Larceny This Is What I Live For: Graffiti Ghosts Makin’ Moves: Louis II Look At Me Now: King Flexx Living My Best Life: Paper Kings Ready To Go: Louis II I Feel It Now: Of The Giants Ready Or Not: Fairground Lights Anything Is Possible: Louis II I hope this helps! Awesome Documentary Dude Perfect!
TMan 14 dagar sedan
I have been here since day 1
Marc Bechelany
Marc Bechelany 14 dagar sedan
They’re living life
HZ Productions
HZ Productions 15 dagar sedan
How much did all of this cost?
bella pechenyuk
bella pechenyuk 15 dagar sedan
TazzyTux 15 dagar sedan
Hey, guys come to Australia!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ro Craft
Ro Craft 15 dagar sedan
Petition to get this on TV
Nick Weiss
Nick Weiss 15 dagar sedan
Can you come to medicine hat holder to wear next time
Avery DeVries
Avery DeVries 16 dagar sedan
The thing I love about dude perfect is that they don’t cuss there Christians and just nice people
Hưng Trần Duy
Hưng Trần Duy 14 dagar sedan
Mindy Kehner
Mindy Kehner 16 dagar sedan
Thanks Tyler 2000000000 likes Logan here
Anton Poluneev
Anton Poluneev 16 dagar sedan
To think of what the Dudes have done its amazing 🤯👏🏻
Nicolas Gomez
Nicolas Gomez 16 dagar sedan
The uttermost margaret intrahepatically pull because cherry unsurprisingly x-ray out a wistful dibble. plastic, puffy cello
Richard Ceryan
Richard Ceryan 16 dagar sedan
woo woo
Richard Ceryan
Richard Ceryan 16 dagar sedan
best video ever
Josh Leppelmann
Josh Leppelmann 16 dagar sedan
did you know Jeff toney is the panda
Adam Olson
Adam Olson 17 dagar sedan
You guys are amazing. Tyler your🐲
Fox Jug
Fox Jug 17 dagar sedan
I love you dude perfect and i wish to meet yall one day I love everything yall do and I love the amount of excitement I get to watch your vids I love ya and your christanity
santana 17 dagar sedan
garret is the most UNDERRATED dp member in my opinion!
Mr. Smell Good!!
Mr. Smell Good!! 17 dagar sedan
This Awesome they deserve it‼️🔥
Nerd Cwazy
Nerd Cwazy 17 dagar sedan
This put a smile on my face 😊
Bruno Germán Simionati
Bruno Germán Simionati
Bucket List: South Africa
Airsoft Battle Royale 2
All Sports Bowling Battle
Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21
All Sports Golf Battle 4