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Time to take archery trick shots to a whole new level!
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24 sep 2018



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Kommentarer 32 816   
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 2 år sedan
What up DP fam! Glad you guys loved Archery Trick Shots 2! NEXT VIDEO ► Overtime
BISMAY DEY 13 dagar sedan
Dude you are perfect
Toni 20 dagar sedan
Can you Shot with a Japanese Yumi Bow? 😁😁 your Video's are very nice...
Susan manoj
Susan manoj Månad sedan
Shot on burst
AMOGH COOLEST 5 månader sedan
Surely u guys are the best
Starr Ritchie
Starr Ritchie 10 månader sedan
Try shooting a skittle
правая рука деда мороза
Что за бабушки на манекенах стоят Вали и там внизу прячется муж бабы Вали
Custerkiller76 21 timme sedan
Did he say ty or legolus?
Lukiiman 23 timmar sedan
1:46 Looks like driving a car in GTA
Justus Poff
Justus Poff Dag sedan
shoot tys fish flops
LUIS COLINDRES 2 dagar sedan
Me gustaría que hagáis videos En español
CrumbyBooch 3 dagar sedan
Fawaz Imad
Fawaz Imad 3 dagar sedan
The breakable geese operationally slip because morocco enthrallingly prefer failing a spurious base. quick, fascinated crime
Harriett Thomas
Harriett Thomas 4 dagar sedan
How many times did it take y’all to make the shots?
Christian Padilla
Christian Padilla 4 dagar sedan
the worlds longest bow and arrow shot at 6:27
Saravanan Elumalai
Saravanan Elumalai 4 dagar sedan
Why aren't these guys in olympics
Brady's Lego
Brady's Lego 5 dagar sedan
Achala De Silva
Achala De Silva 5 dagar sedan
Superb Cool where I find a bow and arrows
Matthew McCrory
Matthew McCrory 5 dagar sedan
We didn’t get enough LETS GO!!!!!!!!
Pop-Up 6 dagar sedan
Best part of the video was when it ended
Li LiFootball
Li LiFootball 6 dagar sedan
Tic tack
jemario playz
jemario playz 8 dagar sedan
when you play games with hacks on:
Austin Hamby
Austin Hamby 10 dagar sedan
Do a part 3 with Lars Anderson.
Ganapati Kini
Ganapati Kini 11 dagar sedan
Pricking a balloon from 1 mile
Marianela Benzan
Marianela Benzan 11 dagar sedan
New target cherries
HyperGriffing 13 dagar sedan
DUDE Dude perfect does evrything "PERFECT"
J Vickery
J Vickery 13 dagar sedan
Charles Doe
Charles Doe 14 dagar sedan
Try to hit a swinging M&M while riding a speedboat!!
Dolger 14 dagar sedan
I have an idea for a target, have a rubber bottle that when hit, falls and hits a gong below
petros9576 14 dagar sedan
My name is oliver queen
Goran Mracevic
Goran Mracevic 15 dagar sedan
Ima li neko tablete za smirenje za ovu dvojicu...nije im lako !!!
Goran Mracevic
Goran Mracevic 15 dagar sedan
Kakve BUDALE !!!
Brandon Grooms
Brandon Grooms 15 dagar sedan
Shoot the cap off a water bottle
Rachel Rootz
Rachel Rootz 15 dagar sedan
I need you to tell me where u got the bow and arrows (I'm in love with archery I had been for 3 or 4 years)
Rose Fulton
Rose Fulton 17 dagar sedan
Use cory
jinendra 19 dagar sedan
3:08 shows how many time they practiced it 🤔
The Money king
The Money king 19 dagar sedan
6:58 where is Garrett hilbert 😐🤨🤔
Aayush Lohumi
Aayush Lohumi 19 dagar sedan
These guys are really perfect 👍👍❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥
DEMONLITE 24 dagar sedan
You have failed this city 😂
Omid Afzali
Omid Afzali 25 dagar sedan
That was perfect
Melissa Deeb
Melissa Deeb 25 dagar sedan
This is amazing 😮😮😮😎
Michael B
Michael B 25 dagar sedan
shoot one arrrow to another arrow making the sharp sides meet
Szaarcher TV
Szaarcher TV 26 dagar sedan
Another spirit in practice Archery comes from our brother DP. Thank you for the spirit and fun bro. Greetings from Indonesia 🎯
Blue_Fries96 26 dagar sedan
Real life rec room double shot
cecep durahim
cecep durahim 27 dagar sedan
M Johanson
M Johanson 27 dagar sedan
Circular Rube goldberg machine where all yall stand in the center an constantly pop off shots to keep it going
glowy the glowbug
glowy the glowbug 29 dagar sedan
Poor Lars Anderson
Sebastian Armstrong
Sebastian Armstrong 29 dagar sedan
shoot at a tree
Matthew Haven
Matthew Haven Månad sedan
Target. Cake
Chase Lockhart
Chase Lockhart Månad sedan
Shoot an arrow in the hole of a nerf dart.
Vermillion Månad sedan
Try shooting at each other and make the arrows hit each other.
Sweet Pickles
Sweet Pickles Månad sedan
How many dry tank tops did that pool shot take? lol
Ngọc Ánh Nguyễn
every shot is amazing
Neon Lions
Neon Lions Månad sedan
111? That's pretty cold btw for some background the current temperature is 113 in my area
Brian Short
Brian Short Månad sedan
somya agrawal
somya agrawal Månad sedan
I love this video
justin eliason
justin eliason Månad sedan
Zayde Wolf only the best song artist ever
Duke’s Misadventures
i can already double shoot in rec room
Fred Pierce
Fred Pierce Månad sedan
Make another one
slade-joseph- Wilson
Wow a PIVOT moment in dude perfect i mean Dude perfect. Thanks
fire lord
fire lord Månad sedan
You should do the other trick shot name should be ummmm a skee hit upper sea should be on a lake like you slide it and the there will be a skit swing so you have to hit it while like the crossbow trickshot last shot
Sara Ghebre
Sara Ghebre Månad sedan
Kevin Beattie
Kevin Beattie Månad sedan
I searched “legolas style jump arrow shot” this video was top result. As it should be. Epic pool jump shot
light bot v2
light bot v2 Månad sedan
6:50 Tozkoparan İskender?
light bot v2
light bot v2 Månad sedan
Turkish bow?
light bot v2
light bot v2 Månad sedan
Yeah it is
gilbert robertson
gilbert robertson Månad sedan
Bow and arrow hat stick
Muhammed Efe
Muhammed Efe Månad sedan
110° is impossible to stand like that
Andres Arance
Andres Arance Månad sedan
Guys, you can make a bow fishing battle
Samanyu Rao
Samanyu Rao Månad sedan
Leon Zhou
Leon Zhou Månad sedan
2:16 imagine he shot the gopro lol
Cole Bolding
Cole Bolding Månad sedan
Hey I have an idea shot a Pringle hanging from a tree
Imroz Towhid
Imroz Towhid Månad sedan
everyone now learn to make bow and shot arrow after the Green arrow series...... everyone can shot arrow but not faster and perfect like him.....thats the difference that make oliver a Hero........
Happy Singh
Happy Singh Månad sedan
Tye did most of the difficult shots
Chicken Månad sedan
Lars Anderson comes in out of nowhere and shoots the arrow in the whole of the life saver shot
Derek Martínez
Derek Martínez Månad sedan
Nikhil K R
Nikhil K R Månad sedan
What's this is this real or fake ...if this is real they can easily win olampics gold 🏅... please anyone tell me is this real or fake ...replyyyy
Life Sage
Life Sage Månad sedan
New Target: Shoot another arrow out of midair.
SAmYak BoT
SAmYak BoT 21 dag sedan
Mahabharat it's like that but Lars Anderson can do it
pudlmaker 29 dagar sedan
@General Curve He can also shoot arrows around live people. You only get one take at that. Not the hundred it probably takes these guys.
General Curve
General Curve Månad sedan
check out Lars Anderson he can do that
Denzel Jin
Denzel Jin Månad sedan
Your wife
Jax Månad sedan
I've been fishing right where Cody did that shot from the jet ski!! 😆
MEME BOY Månad sedan
DEAN RODGERS Månad sedan
DP do unpredictable archery shots
Darwin Wiwin
Darwin Wiwin Månad sedan
Cruz Martin
Cruz Martin Månad sedan
Yo DP can u plz like this comment I’m super sad today cause I have a problem in my family. My grandma just died plz like this it would make me really happy
Brantlee Elwell
Brantlee Elwell Månad sedan
hi Dude Perfect I'm a big fan I'm 9
Dibyapriya Gogoi
Dibyapriya Gogoi Månad sedan
N N I C C C C E E E E E N N N I C E N N N I C E E E N N N I C E N N I C C C C E E E E E Video 😁
Chi Trung Bui
Chi Trung Bui Månad sedan
Tyler can be a target
Ascetic Scorpio
Ascetic Scorpio Månad sedan
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing Månad sedan
I’m nine and do that with hay
Amit Rana
Amit Rana Månad sedan
The steep notify supply scream because helen independently smash alongside a future futuristic macrame. dependent, brawny trip
Amit Rana
Amit Rana Månad sedan
The combative year archaeologically rescue because print demographically obtain notwithstanding a colorful beaver. xenophobic, shrill gliding
Caw Caw
Caw Caw Månad sedan
Lars Anderson is laughing at them so hard I bet
TheGamerJMM YT
TheGamerJMM YT Månad sedan
So I timed the longest Bow and Arrow shot and it took 9.15 seconds.
Daniel Slater
Daniel Slater Månad sedan
I would like to see you guys go hog hunting with either Ted nugent or pigman
Heck Yeah
Heck Yeah Månad sedan
One of these guys should've been invited to Gamology for Experts React episodes instead of that so called archery expert guy
Presly Bongloy
Presly Bongloy Månad sedan
Rhett Lundsten
Rhett Lundsten Månad sedan
sunn glassses
Irfan Mueez
Irfan Mueez Månad sedan
Dude its so PERFECT
Just Some Guy With A Green Mask
2:53 we can tell from the holes lol
ShrinkingTech Månad sedan
Not quite Lars Andersen but getting there😀
The Hunt Kids
The Hunt Kids 2 månader sedan
Tyler: let’s put a balloon under water, 3 hours later Coby: that was a lot harder than it looks
Coulton Harmon
Coulton Harmon 2 månader sedan
"What should we name our channel?" "What about dude perfect?" "Dude! Perfect!"
James The Noble
James The Noble 2 månader sedan
When is archery ts 2
IAS Babu
IAS Babu 2 månader sedan
Really they all are perfect. Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Rok Zajc
Rok Zajc 2 månader sedan
Sea wead in lake
Balin Wilson
Balin Wilson 2 månader sedan
try splitting an arrow.
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