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Trick shots from all your favorite sports!
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Comment: I remember the OG Boom Stick!

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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect År sedan
throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍 thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton
Kiwi McMango
Kiwi McMango 5 dagar sedan
YToxiciTY Ryno
YToxiciTY Ryno 10 dagar sedan
Y’all are dope
-_Korekiyo_- 11 dagar sedan
Jace Harvey
Jace Harvey 17 dagar sedan
Ya love channel
shyam gaming
shyam gaming Dag sedan
Pila lit pen bechta tichero. Pehli E paylakqwlifikisiyn.
Christian Farley
Christian Farley 3 dagar sedan
Dunkaroo w moon watching
Douglas Plyler
Douglas Plyler 4 dagar sedan
Dudes! You should make a GIANT sports battle video. For example, you could use giant paddles and a bouncy beach ball to play giant ping-pong on a tennis court, or you could play giant hockey with a tire for a puck! That would be hilarious!! Pound it 👊🏼
Jodie Davey
Jodie Davey 6 dagar sedan
What about AFL
Peter's dauda
Peter's dauda 8 dagar sedan
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Jeffrey Barry
Jeffrey Barry 8 dagar sedan
All to Mrs patricia Wilson for changing my life
Ruth Harris
Ruth Harris 8 dagar sedan
That's her WhatsApp number
Rosemary Stanton
Rosemary Stanton 8 dagar sedan
I'm glad I came to this comment section, I'm being motivated to start investing in bitcoin Please how do i contact patricia Wilson
George Wilson
George Wilson 8 dagar sedan
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DingerSquad_08 8 dagar sedan
Garret dropping that bat on the concrete hurt my soul
b4rb4tos 8 dagar sedan
When the trickshot is so difficult that you suddenly acquire footwear. 2:27
lilo47 12 dagar sedan
is that the same place briana was at
BullseyeProductionsTV 13 dagar sedan
Can you guys do more trick shots? You haven't done a trick shot vid in a long time. :(
BONKERS_BEAST 14 dagar sedan
I can’t believe u forgot CRICKET! !
Ginger Whitehead
Ginger Whitehead 14 dagar sedan
I love how you guys do tricks shots it’s just insane
Ginger Whitehead
Ginger Whitehead 14 dagar sedan
I heard you guys are comeing to Oklahoma. And we’re comeing to y’all concert on October 1 and I’m bringing my money to by stuff
Ginger Whitehead
Ginger Whitehead 14 dagar sedan
Your welcome
DreamDrista64 15 dagar sedan
Right before the video started I had a dude perfect add that ended for me to watch dude perfect
Dikshant Pandey
Dikshant Pandey 15 dagar sedan
Were is the cricket🏏
skvyy 17 dagar sedan
Cody's first trickshot really set high standards lol
Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence 19 dagar sedan
Totally random but can anyone imagine Dude Perfect doing a dodgeball battle?
ASHAZ PUNJANI 19 dagar sedan
the gong said wuhan and i laughed so hard 😂
Dylan the crazy boy
Dylan the crazy boy 20 dagar sedan
Did It five time fast
SquidKid 20 dagar sedan
5:38 what did ty just 😳
continentalrcinglg 21 dag sedan
Cody at 6:03: This right here is our first-ever volleyball trick shot. Even though they did a volleyball trick shot video with Bode Miller's wife in 2012.
Jerry the duck
Jerry the duck 22 dagar sedan
If you couldn’t sleep how did you wake up to a vision of the trick shot
Zayaan BEYBLADE 22 dagar sedan
You didn’t do cricket
Mousa Abdlnour
Mousa Abdlnour 22 dagar sedan
Reminds me of the min broomstick
nbafan nbafan
nbafan nbafan 22 dagar sedan
nbafan nbafan
nbafan nbafan 22 dagar sedan
I meant 2
R. K. Gholson
R. K. Gholson 25 dagar sedan
I love this video
Tejas Gupta
Tejas Gupta 27 dagar sedan
they were defo not first try if they were ill give you a million pounds
Zyan Diaz
Zyan Diaz Månad sedan
How could anyone dislike any of these videos
Big Potato
Big Potato Månad sedan
Me: Watching the video Tyler: Talking to a bowling ball
Ron Kydd
Ron Kydd Månad sedan
I liked the crossbar trick shot the best
Daniel Månad sedan
Your the best
Sarah Grden
Sarah Grden Månad sedan
5:15 Cody:Two Strikes you are out Me:Cody It is 3 strikes your out
memeguy Månad sedan
2:43 bloons td in a nutshell
orit elbaz
orit elbaz Månad sedan
CrabGrass Yorp
CrabGrass Yorp Månad sedan
lied. no croquet
Cesar González
Cesar González Månad sedan
The ankel of garret
Paden War
Paden War Månad sedan
The hockey trick shot for the hockey players it’s just a normal shot
Sunny Sims
Sunny Sims Månad sedan
5:22 WAIT! It’s Talk guy BEARD Twins Purple hoser For the loooongest time I thought it was Talk guy WEIRD twins Purple hoser Oops. Now I don’t have to think to myself why they didn’t mention Tyler in the song. Lol P.S. nothing against the twins just thought that was what the song said. Lol
Lexie Ritter
Lexie Ritter Månad sedan
At 5:10 I the video, such a dad joke 😂
Vortex 1
Vortex 1 Månad sedan
S c,CX .
NegativeMars47 Månad sedan
A dude perfect commercial on a dude perfect video WHATTTTTTT
Sandro Anthony Langello
Wow love watching you all. Amazing.
DJ Tanuki
DJ Tanuki Månad sedan
The worst music
James Lamoureux
James Lamoureux Månad sedan
Hard to be interested in this. Show the fails and efforts..
Christopher Chavez
Christopher Chavez Månad sedan
Dp predicted the pandemic 3:22 the cymbal says "wuhan" These guys dont miss
marne tragert
marne tragert Månad sedan
Jayashri Runwal
Jayashri Runwal Månad sedan
Make a Cricket video (Cricket Sport)
Panda Månad sedan
2 strikes your out lol 3 strikes your out
Blue Star Shooter
Blue Star Shooter Månad sedan
That Frisbee catch was sick! :-D
Steve Timmons
Steve Timmons Månad sedan
That cymbal say Wuhan? I’m out.
bryan peacock
bryan peacock Månad sedan
He hit a football 240 feet?
Eli's sports, video games
I got 7
Hannes Vaabel
Hannes Vaabel Månad sedan
Am I blind or they actually left out ping pong
huey ho
huey ho Månad sedan
The tight camel additonally matter because dead surely complain onto a safe desert. hurried, few fierce brother
Jack Capurso
Jack Capurso Månad sedan
I made it to for
Max Long
Max Long Månad sedan
mmarshall444 Månad sedan
You guys are awesome
Ethan Mesich-Fiems
Ethan Mesich-Fiems Månad sedan
I remember the OG boomstick
Steven Peters
Steven Peters Månad sedan
Skeets blitz’s blaster skeets blitz’s blaster
Ethan Hornback
Ethan Hornback Månad sedan
Gelaten Månad sedan
In 4th Grade, some of my friends told our lunch lady to stop making us watch dude perfect at lunch because they believed that every trickshot was edited and fake. 😂😂😂
Pop the cactus
Pop the cactus Månad sedan
”Sad handball noices”
Brite Bomber
Brite Bomber Månad sedan
notice how no type of cheer leading is there
Parker Tunnell
Parker Tunnell Månad sedan
3:21 it says Wuhan 😯
Aahil Kachru
Aahil Kachru Månad sedan
cricket trickshots pls
Edward Wrigth
Edward Wrigth Månad sedan
They even have a great video editing experience
Yes Maybe
Yes Maybe Månad sedan
id like to know how many tries each of these took
David Rinehart
David Rinehart Månad sedan
What baseball stadium was that? Had a lazy river that's awesome.
Charles Kissel
Charles Kissel Månad sedan
Bruh the Dunkaroo was amazing I don’t even like golf
Mario sc
Mario sc Månad sedan
Vincent Vo
Vincent Vo Månad sedan
Coby - “get it it’s a birdie.”every badminton player triggered 😤
Nicolas Lofgren
Nicolas Lofgren Månad sedan
So like 3 people
Les Duenas
Les Duenas Månad sedan
Big Fn deal it's not consistent and guys act like every stunt was little boys saving the World, but you didn't WO@+7?:&#/=÷O
Nate Howe
Nate Howe Månad sedan
The north stars started in Minnesota
Fun With Izzy
Fun With Izzy Månad sedan
It looked like someone was v@ping next to the basketball goal on the last shot
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson 2 månader sedan
Where is swim
Sarah Jasso
Sarah Jasso 2 månader sedan
I love this video
Kyle Mays
Kyle Mays 2 månader sedan
3 your awte
Colter 06
Colter 06 2 månader sedan
I’m suprised they didn’t film in an actual basketball arena
Colter 06
Colter 06 2 månader sedan
Next dp office gonna have a indoor basketball court, gym, batting cage, hockey area soccer field and everything else they have inside right now then they will have an outdoor driving range 50 yard football field softball field
Lazar Lazar
Lazar Lazar 2 månader sedan
Where is kickball this is out ragous it’s my second favorite sport ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doug Jones
Doug Jones 2 månader sedan
I got to 5
Me and the Mic
Me and the Mic 2 månader sedan
More ot
Praxy Playzz
Praxy Playzz 2 månader sedan
1:54 that’s so easy
Tim Lee
Tim Lee 2 månader sedan
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Tim Lee
Tim Lee 2 månader sedan
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yourgirlrhyan 2 månader sedan
Do school stereotypes
Griffin Bertram
Griffin Bertram 2 månader sedan
“All Sports Trick Shots, I love it already.” Dude, it’s 8 seconds in
Seth Gryde
Seth Gryde 2 månader sedan
6:55 I thought Tyler was smoking at first
James Murale
James Murale 2 månader sedan
3 times in a row is ez, idk bout 5 tho
Laurie Stephens
Laurie Stephens 2 månader sedan
what about gymnastics
Playing Roblox with Brick
Playing Roblox with Brick 2 månader sedan
The lily pad bouncer was amazing and the boomstick
BenZmusic 2 månader sedan
Pet peeves are on my mind
Gamieplays 2 månader sedan
Where is cricket ?
It's a dam PJO thing
It's a dam PJO thing 2 månader sedan
Anybody else notice Ty went from barefoot to wearing flip flops between the intro and the shot? 2:25
Mon Raven Ucab
Mon Raven Ucab 2 månader sedan
Shout out plssss
Ali's Hunts
Ali's Hunts 2 månader sedan
Ok im a huge fan of dp , BUT that bowling shot from ty was a lil sketchy , first half his hat is backward , second half hat is forward 🤔🤔🤔
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin 2 månader sedan
I said skeet blitz blaster 3 times let’s gooooo
Reshirex 2 månader sedan
Kasin Dunnavant
Kasin Dunnavant 2 månader sedan
ShmendoShmakes 2 månader sedan
take it from a 9 year old hockey player... i could make that first try 5:17
Game Night Stereotypes
All Sports Bowling Battle