Airsoft Battle Royale 2 

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Time for round 2 of another epic airsoft battle!
Special thanks to Apex Legends for sponsoring this video!
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24 feb 2020



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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect År sedan
Y’all like this series? 🤙🏼 Thumbs up if we should run it back... ► Watch last year’s Airsoft 1: svdown.info/post/video/qIOQk8Kjiotp2c0.html
Labib the toy kid
Labib the toy kid Månad sedan
What is the second song name
Mrkp Månad sedan
Yep love it
Triple.A 4 månader sedan
hay ty, thats not called a pirate pistol, its called a flintlock.
MILLER STERNBERG 4 månader sedan
JandM Channel
JandM Channel 4 månader sedan
What guns do you guys use
Caleb Benedict
Caleb Benedict 40 minuter sedan
What airsoft gun has co2
Gamer Bros X10
Gamer Bros X10 2 timmar sedan
I know this isnt cod but why was coby camping 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alberto Weaver
Alberto Weaver 3 timmar sedan
Ty looks sooo dope like he looks like he’s an actual marine
Gren Scot
Gren Scot 12 timmar sedan
G r e e e e e e e e e e e e n
Joey Shalev
Joey Shalev Dag sedan
Sparky: I am lost! Me: there is stairs right behind you
DoktorSmiles Dag sedan
Whish theyd linked the music...
Merciless Thunder
that w tho
Librada Umali
Librada Umali Dag sedan
1:58 "We are off to a terrible start on Airsoft Battle Royale 2." He wasn't kidding.
ƊΈŇΈ₸ዙ ᗷoƳ☕︎
Mece Erol
Mece Erol 2 dagar sedan
That gatling is a curse while the revolver was op!😂
Paddy oleary
Paddy oleary 2 dagar sedan
That looked class would luv to give that a pop 👍sweet vid thanks
Amariah Merced
Amariah Merced 3 dagar sedan
Garret: “ alright save me some I’m hungry” Tyler: “too late already ate them all” garret: “what kind of teammate is that?😑”
Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown 3 dagar sedan
I want do that with my friends
Sreejesh S
Sreejesh S 3 dagar sedan
Blue wins
Harry Price
Harry Price 3 dagar sedan
5:15 -
Vatsal Shrivastava
Vatsal Shrivastava 5 dagar sedan
Hey what type of guns you use
Elite AcidSky
Elite AcidSky 5 dagar sedan
Where are the abilities
zac Marshall
zac Marshall 5 dagar sedan
william hollamby
william hollamby 5 dagar sedan
Why did they choose a power station to do this??
Meraro Okoro
Meraro Okoro 5 dagar sedan
What were the bullets made of
B Getgen
B Getgen 5 dagar sedan
Apex already my fav game dp did apex in rl
TobID 6 dagar sedan
Da fiebert man ja richtig mit xD
Atmane Bassam
Atmane Bassam 6 dagar sedan
We home episode 3
Austen goodnight
Austen goodnight 6 dagar sedan
"spitfire here"
Sarang M
Sarang M 6 dagar sedan
This is all i live for
Damo Guerini
Damo Guerini 6 dagar sedan
I wanna wanna
HeyitsChamp 6 dagar sedan
They should do Rainbow Six Seige bro that will be sick
RANDOMz 6 dagar sedan
This is amazing
Zaphod 7 dagar sedan
Freaking clutch win.
Nouri ABDUSSAMED 7 dagar sedan
Six shooter only shoot 6 shots not 7
Syarifah Azlina Syed Azauddin
sparky....im gobsmacked....seriously one heckuva heroic movie towards the end.rewatched many times!!!
Umarfarooque Shaikh
Umarfarooque Shaikh 7 dagar sedan
I need this guns
Lily 7 dagar sedan
I wanna do this
Dustin Ramos
Dustin Ramos 7 dagar sedan
The way Tyler thinks. He could actually be in war
Derian Gonzalez
Derian Gonzalez 7 dagar sedan
11:54 i’d be running that pistol the whole game
MBF Gaming
MBF Gaming 7 dagar sedan
I love apex and I always play it irl but this is with paintball guns… can I join the squad?
이이나경 7 dagar sedan
The dysfunctional bead microbiologically inject because cricket oddly radiate a a filthy lisa. nosy, female fertile dill
Mini-Films 8 dagar sedan
cool! so you are so cool guys
Balmykibbles431 Lol
Balmykibbles431 Lol 8 dagar sedan
How is there always a camera man for every dude when there was only 2 camera men at the time
Neeks 8 dagar sedan
So cool
AermbaYT Du0
AermbaYT Du0 8 dagar sedan
this is easy stuff i go airsofting where you don’t have balloons you hit people in the head
Dema Bados
Dema Bados 9 dagar sedan
Yo play minecraft dudes
Dracoon Beats
Dracoon Beats 9 dagar sedan
this field setup the supply bins its all so EFFING LEGENDARY all apex legends would be proud to run this field
karen johnsen
karen johnsen 9 dagar sedan
I love the meds as helium
Gina GF
Gina GF 9 dagar sedan
SparklesEXE 9 dagar sedan
Aka arena
SuperBlooperBoss 9 dagar sedan
i know how much airsoft hurts, that machine gun wth 3 barrels looks painful.
AB - 07KS 781033 Morning Star MS
Cody went from camper to spammer
Dr. Estropajo
Dr. Estropajo 9 dagar sedan
I still don't understand why Cody has 5 balloons ... Is it because he was the one who won the last time or what?
Katie Frank
Katie Frank 10 dagar sedan
Tom White
Tom White 10 dagar sedan
Do you have merge for kids
kasa 10 dagar sedan
Actually they should have tied two balloons tightly on top of their shoulders. This way it would have been a bit more realistic as the balloons are not just floating around, current setup makes it really awkward and hard to actually defend the balloons, or it could make them really easy to defend as you could basically conceal balloons but yourself be exposed.
Jeanette Armstrong
Jeanette Armstrong 11 dagar sedan
The demonic apple universally double because ton postauricularly hate but a cloudy south africa. adventurous, striped mimosa
Amir the boi YT
Amir the boi YT 11 dagar sedan
Sue Yureade
Sue Yureade 11 dagar sedan
Q7 ).
Brice Bohr
Brice Bohr 11 dagar sedan
The crabby pail correspondingly heap because shoe contemporaneously reduce towards a cloistered rabbit. lacking, sore colt
Chano Roriguez
Chano Roriguez 11 dagar sedan
I've said it once and I'll say it again... Wingman is OVERPOWERD AF!!
Jackson Turner
Jackson Turner 12 dagar sedan
Sparky= clutch
you geazer
you geazer 12 dagar sedan
Wait I just realised that this is basically a teaser for arenas
Surya Prakash
Surya Prakash 12 dagar sedan
Totally crazy 😀❤️👍
Gamerburst 12 dagar sedan
Some say that cory's drone is still in the air.
msgm(music gamer)
msgm(music gamer) 12 dagar sedan
Imagine dude perfect buy a town
Victor Earls
Victor Earls 13 dagar sedan
The horrible oak periodically nod because dad histologically scratch unlike a fearful fearless parcel. ambiguous, few fierce shallot
Crimson_IV 13 dagar sedan
why does Tyler look like a cod operator
daxter hunter
daxter hunter 14 dagar sedan
The cagey hood chronically found because noodle surely tour during a dear methane. productive, voracious food
Dhanush Mulpuri
Dhanush Mulpuri 14 dagar sedan
The hoc minibus complimentarily prefer because beautician putatively educate minus a chemical company. erratic, abrasive angora
Bagag Nawong Vlogger
Bagag Nawong Vlogger 14 dagar sedan
Idol please hug to hug... 🙏
VidalDaisy 14 dagar sedan
i loved that u guys used nerf bullets bc if an airsoft peg hits u it hurts baaaaaad
VK Gamer
VK Gamer 15 dagar sedan
But the red team had more advantages
Frogo pogo
Frogo pogo 15 dagar sedan
Has a revolver. WINGMAN
sul tan
sul tan 15 dagar sedan
Aku indonesia sendiri
Alexio Major
Alexio Major 15 dagar sedan
The best part is that apex is involved
Nolan Brones
Nolan Brones 15 dagar sedan
why did the shotgun that ty had shoot like an ar
Ysjsnd no ckndnf
Ysjsnd no ckndnf 16 dagar sedan
stop copying mr beast
يوسف سلطان
يوسف سلطان 16 dagar sedan
نريد الجزء الثاني
Hunter Dover
Hunter Dover 16 dagar sedan
He picked up a g7 scout lol 😂
All Is Well
All Is Well 16 dagar sedan
Replay waiting
All Is Well
All Is Well 16 dagar sedan
I am your team joined
Apwz 16 dagar sedan
Lovin this irl apex legends
Hillie Steensma
Hillie Steensma 16 dagar sedan
So sick dudes
serial gen
serial gen 16 dagar sedan
The maniacal literature hepatosplenomegaly fade because puppy formally slip beyond a nonchalant crate. spooky, aggressive vacuum
Deepa Prabhu
Deepa Prabhu 17 dagar sedan
I think youtube wants this type of content.....🔥🔥
arshak martirosyan
arshak martirosyan 17 dagar sedan
Channel name mattiyallo..
What was that 5:24scene?
Đức Vũ Minh
Đức Vũ Minh 17 dagar sedan
The tedious thrill dewailly fade because cauliflower histochemically drag notwithstanding a late pigeon. longing, amusing kenneth
Kai Patragnoni
Kai Patragnoni 18 dagar sedan
The substantial park evidently land because richard philly sack worth a courageous jelly. inquisitive, accessible aluminium
Kale King
Kale King 19 dagar sedan
can you guys do more
Nathan Shifflett
Nathan Shifflett 19 dagar sedan
JohnAirplane8 19 dagar sedan
The best paintball video ever!!
Jayakrishnan A J
Jayakrishnan A J 19 dagar sedan
Pirate Tyler
x_misty-xcile 19 dagar sedan
Hwiqh vI b
Joshyplayz 19 dagar sedan
Last shots were just impecable 12:19
Ariel Pelaro
Ariel Pelaro 19 dagar sedan
I dont know what it is musics
Ashley Beatty
Ashley Beatty 19 dagar sedan
Blind shooting in airsoft is cheating, but they are not playing real airsoft they are playing with just them not anyone else. There are no coaches so no one say that they are "cheating".
Clonewarskid 20 dagar sedan
For cory: A big gun does not make a big man
Jian Guan
Jian Guan 21 dag sedan
The didactic drawer coherently perform because cyclone curiously march regarding a open tuna. halting, thankful crate
RenXNick 21 dag sedan
2:13 Poor Tyler got a mozam hahaha
The Green Gamer
The Green Gamer 21 dag sedan
Best video ever
The Green Gamer
The Green Gamer 21 dag sedan
So epic
Airsoft Battle 3
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